1. Roster Buster (web site): Imports AIMS crew schedule into iPhone App (link)

  1. Jeppesen Crew Alert (web site):  Monitor crew fatigue with an iPhone App (link)

  1. Logbooks:

  2. LogTen Pro (web site):  Nice but expensive iPhone/iPad PC/Mac logbook (iPhone link, there is also an iPad or universal version)

  3. Numerous other free versions, but didn’t find one that I really liked.

  1. Jeppesen chart viewer for iPad (link): View approach plates and en-route charts (web site)

  1. Aviation weather maps:

  2. Jeppesen weather charts (web site): including NAT tracks with sig wx overlay

  3. NOAA (web site): Mainly U.S.

  4. Nav Canada (web site): Mainly Canada

Aircrew links

DND links

  1. Online application for enrolment (link)

  1. Enrolment DAOD (link)

Software links

  1. Dropbox (link) sync files across iPhone and desktop (iTunes App)

  1. bitTorrents:

  2. description (wikipedia)

  3. uTorrent (software link)

  4. Torrent search sites (Google search)

  1. Trackerless bitTorrents: Tribler (web site)

  1. Firefox add-ons:

  2. DeSOPA (link): Bypass DNS blocks.

  1. Any Video Converter free (web site): convert videos to any format.

My software

  1. CC-130 Electrical panel (Flash)

  1. CC-130 FMS (Flash)

Saturday, 31 March, 2012